Specialising in the production of fittings, solenoid valves, and cylinders for over 40 years

Our company was established in Bione, in the province of Brescia, in 1976 as a supplier of fittings for the plumbing and sanitary ware industries. Over the years, our considerable passion for our work, combined with the demands of a constantly growing industrial district, have led us to become a major reference point in the field of fittings, automation components and fluid handling.

We’ve now become an international companyexporting our brand to over 100 countries worldwide. Boasting a consolidated network of 9 branches, we’re always at our customers’ side, with all our products readily available. From the USA, to Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, France, Colombia, Germany, China and Russia.

100% Made in Italy products

Worldwide distribution

10 branches with locations all around the world