Super EGO

We manufacture pipe and welding equipment and tools through leading edge manufacturing systems (SMED, KAIZEN, KANBAN).

Our tools are based on the latest hardening processes ( controlled atmosphere, induction and stress relieving), which give our tools accredited and valued quality enabling their sale to most demanding customers worldwide, chemical industry, oil industry, mining, etc.

The world’s best known manufacturers trust SUPER-EGO for custom manufacture of their brand.

Since 1994, SUPER-EGO counts on TUV Nord certification for ISO 9000 (quality assurance for design, production, distribution and after sales service of our equipment and tools) and ISO 14001 (implementation of prevention and continual improvement of environmental management systems), standards that have been updated periodically until now.

We at  SUPER-EGO are committed to respect the environment in order to provide a clean, thriving and pleasant environment for future generations. 



SUPER-EGO Tools is presented in the market as a company dedicated to:

  • Design and Development, Commercialization, Distribution and After-Sales Service of Pipe Tools, Machines and Equipment of the “Super Ego” brand.
  • for the installation, Check, Inspection and Maintenance of Sanitary facilities, Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Gas and Environmental Technology.


Achieve customer satisfaction, assisting them in reaching the maximum return of our products, obtaining as a result a fair economic return that ensures continuity of the companies and their human teams.

Enter into agreement with customers only on commitments that SUPER-EGO Tools can comply with, and then, carry out the same, honouring the price, delivery time, quality and other aspects agreed upon, identifying and correcting the cause of eventual non compliance, keeping also internal and legal requirements applicable to such products and services.

To comply at any time with applicable legal requirements and commitment on environmental protection.

Create programs to establish the goals and targets to be achieved, as well as their review and follow up.

Have efficient professionals, actively committed to continual improvement of the service by means of team work, satisfaction for the job well done and adequate internal training.

Encourage adequate information and communication level of employees with each customer and with their workmates, such that all of them benefit from the know how and experience of the professional team that constitutes SUPER-EGO Tools.

Wherever possible, continual process improvement, aiming at pollution prevention.

Maintain and improve the Quality and Environment Management System making personnel aware of the importance of complying with established requirements and motivating them to contribute to its continual improvement.


SUPER-EGO Tools has implemented an Integrated Management System through which the control of all aspects related to Quality and the Environment are carried out.

This system includes the communication of the applicable Integrated Policy and Environmental Requirements to our suppliers and subcontractors, without whom the implementation of our environmental principles for carrying out work could not be guaranteed.

We therefore would like to let our suppliers and subcontractors know the need for consistent behaviour following the same course of action as SUPER-EGO Tools and inform them of the importance of complying with both the principles described in our Policy and the requirements set out in this Guide in order to guarantee that their behaviour ensures at all times the highest respect for the Environment.

Suppliers of goods and services, including SUPER-EGO Tools subcontractors can be classified as follows on the list below:

  • Suppliers of raw materials, product components and accessories.
  • Suppliers of chemicals or hazardous substances.
  • Suppliers of packaging materials.
  • Waste Managers and Haulers.
  • Haulers
  • Authorized control agencies
  • Subcontracts and Temporary employment

In view of the impact of outsourced products and services on the environment, a number of general and specific requirements are set out as a function of the type of supplier involved.


  • Know and comply with the current national, regional and local environmental legislation applicable to their activities, products and services.
  • Let SUPER-EGO Tools know of any information or document that might be requested on environmental aspects of their products or services.


Suppliers of raw materials, product components and accessories

  • Supply only materials that comply with the applicable safety, quality and environmental standards.
  • Provide the corresponding product quality or conformity certifications.

Suppliers of chemicals or hazardous substances

  • Supply only materials that comply with the applicable safety and environmental standards.
  • Inform SUPER-EGO Tools about any potential environmental or health and safety hazard of their products and send an updated Safety Data Sheet of the supplied products.
  • Inform SUPER-EGO Tools about alternative substances less harmful for the environment and workers’ health.
  • Label chemicals containers according to current legislation, including data on hazards, basic safety measures and the management of waste products and empty containers that might be generated.
  • Provide SUPER-EGO Tools with a list of all current regulations about limitations of use of the substances contained therein or else a certificate stating that there is not such applicable legislation.
  • In case of goods subject to ADR agreement, provide SUPER-EGO Tools with a copy of the Approval Certificate for the transport unit and of the driver’s Training Certificate or Special Authorization.

Suppliers of packaging materials

  • Supply only materials that comply with the minimum safety conditions and can be easily recycled or recovered.
  • Promote environmentally friendly production processes and the implementation of environmental management systems or the environmental label of their products.
  • Guarantee that supplied containers and packaging do not exceed the toxicity levels set forth in the legislation (art. 13.1 of Act 11/97).
  • Inform about more environmentally friendly packaging options.

Waste managers and haulers

  • Hand over to SUPER-EGO Tools a copy of their current authorization as haulers or waste managers for the managed waste.
  • In case of hazardous waste, complete and send to SUPER-EGO Tools the control and follow-up sheets that support the proper waste management.
  • Communicate immediately to SSUPER-EGO Tools any incident that might occur as a result of the services provided and that might have a significant impact on the environment.


  • Provide the movement of goods in accordance with the requirements set forth by SUPER-EGO Tools and current regulations in force regarding motor vehicle emissions.
  • Conduct periodical inspections and adequate maintenance of their vehicles.
  • Drive efficiently and safely in a way that minimizes emissions and fuel consumption of their vehicles.
  • Communicate immediately any accident that resulted in dumping the transported cargo during the provision of services to SUPER-EGO Tools.

Authorized control agencies

  • Send a copy of all available certifications related to the measurements/analysis to be performed.
  • Send a copy of all calibration certificates for the equipment used in the measurements/analysis to be performed.

Subcontracting and temporal employment

  • Use in a reasonable way the natural resources, such as: water, electrical energy, fuel.
  • In case of hazardous waste generation during the provision of the service, manage the same in accordance with the current regulations in force, and provide SUPER-EGO Tools with the supporting documents to prove the proper management, alongside with a copy of their hazardous waste producer registration.
  • Communicate SUPER-EGO Tools immediately any type of incident that might pose a hazard to the environmen