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VESSEL was founded in 1916 as Japan’s first volume manufacturer of screwdrivers. With most ironworks at the time producing agricultural implements such as spades and hoes, the young company put in place a mass production system specialized for the manufacture of screwdrivers for industrial applications and began supplying its products to the market.



Japan’s first domestically produced screwdriver and the VESSEL brand
Screwdrivers were typically included with industrial machinery such as spinning machines. VESSEL set out to create an originally designed, domestically produced screwdriver to compete with these overseas products. In 1933, the company began emblazoning its products with the brand “VESSEL,” meaning a large ship in English, as a signifier of their superior quality.


Streamlining operations at assembly plants with pneumatic screwdrivers and bits
The Japanese economy embarked on a period of rapid growth starting in the 1950s. VESSEL began production of bits for pneumatic tools on a significant scale in 1954 based on expectations of dramatic growth in demand for pneumatic drivers and bits. Four years later, the company launched its first impact driver, helping to streamline operations at assembly worksites nationwide.


VESSEL as a supplier of every type of screwdriver
VESSEL established the three pillars of its business: screwdrivers; bits; and pneumatic tools, including the air impact wrenches it began producing in 1967. During this period, the company successfully staked out a position as a leading manufacturer of fastening tools.


Embracing the challenge of expanding into a broad range of industrial fields
VESSEL reacted to the first oil shock in 1973 by moving beyond a screwdriver-centric management philosophy and accelerating efforts to develop products in new fields so that its fortunes would not be affected by the vagaries of the global economy. The company launched products such as air nippers and microgrinders and developed QSYSTEM, a “take-a-number” line management system for facilities such as banks and hospitals.

VESSEL Mark of Quality
A single screwdriver may be used to tighten thousands or tens of thousands of screws. Our uncompromising approach to manufacturing and craftsmanship and our stubborn commitment to quality underpin a philosophy that lives on in each and every tool we make. Today, this philosophy is being carried on in completely new fields by products such as anti-theft and static electricity elimination equipment.