Our company, Vivoil Oleodinamica Vivolo srl, was founded in 1985, when Mr. Domenico Vivolo, after 25 years of experience in Turolla, one of the most important companies in the industry, decided to open his own company for the assembly and sale of hydraulic components.

Our business is growing, so much that in 2005 we began carrying out some manufacturing processes internally; this gives us the flexibility needed to customize our products to the maximum, and to ensure fast deliveries, in Italy and abroad. From a small business, Oleodinamica Vivoil became an international brand. In the same year, we moved to the plant in Budrio (Bologna), which is also the headquarters of the company, where 30 people work, and where we manufacture:

Reliability: we take care of every product down to the smallest detail

Every Vivoil component is manufactured, tested and assembled by hand in our factory in Italy, and products requiring the highest precision are machined on 5-axis machines and a single grip. We study every technical and aesthetic detail with the utmost care; in fact, our designers have been working in the industry for many years. Thanks to their expertise and choice of quality materials, such as 7000 series aluminum, only extremely reliable hydraulic components come out of our factory, giving you the certainty of being able to count on robust and long-lasting products.

Flexibility: we customize our components even for small orders

We have divided our components into four size groups (0,1,2,3) which correspond to different displacements, to obtain the maximum performance in every working condition. Also, most of our products are customizable with valves, heavy-duty application supports, and different flange and shaft configurations. Flexibility at Vivoil is a shared mission: every one of us, from production to sales, is committed to ensuring that you have pumps, motors and flow dividers that fit your production needs perfectly. For our customers there are no minimum lots to buy, and from the moment we receive the order, we strive to ensure that productione and delivery are as rapid as possible.

Quality: we believe that service is as important as the product

We take every request very seriously because we know that the product alone is not enough: at times, it is necessary to be very quick in the delivery; in other cases, it is more important to interpret a production need and find the most suitable hydraulic component to satisfy it. For us, quality is not only about producing high-end pumps, motors and flow dividers. It also means understanding what you need, finding the most suitable solution – involving our whole team of designers, technicians, commercial and administrative staff – creating it in the shortest amount of time, with the utmost attention, and delivering it as soon as possible, just in the quantities and with the features you were looking for.