Manufacturing pneumatic components for industrial automation is Waircom’s area of expertise. Since 1993, we have been able to produce high-quality goods, which have helped us gradually win our consumers’ trust and respect. We have developed to our current state, which includes three production facilities and a headquarters that satisfies global demand, over the past 20 years. Waircom represents dependability and security. Actually, every one of our items satisfies the requirements set forth by the in force rules.

The WAIRCOM brand has been around since 1957, and over the years, WAIRCOM MBS has strengthened its organizational structure by broadening its product line and distribution network, becoming one of the most significant Italian businesses specializing in the production of pneumatic components for industrial automation, such as pneumatic cylinders, valves, and solenoid valves, as well as compressed air treatment groups.

Currently, WAIRCOM MBS can reach the market because of the following qualities: The purchasing and administrative centers of WAIRCOM MBS are situated in the industrial region of Vizzolo Predabyssi, barely 15 km from Milan, and cover a total area of 15,000 m2, including factories and offices, 3 production units in the interior of Milan.

Since its founding, Waircom has produced high-quality goods, which has aided in sales growth and gained the respect and trust of customers throughout time. Today, Waircom has developed and now has three production facilities in the Milan suburbs and a headquarters that can accommodate the needs of clients from around the globe.